Barker's Best Snowkite Race! March 10 2014

Last Saturday (March 8th), Gull Lake was the location of what was to be the 1st snow kite race in Alberta.  Turnout was fantastic - but wind made no appearance.  This being said, kiteboarders tend to be a resourceful (and patient) kind so with time on our hands and some ingenuity, we found a genius quad assisted way to entertain ourselves.  Special thanks go to Richard Windbasher and his quad driving skills!

Needless to say, the race has been postponed to this coming weekend (March 15/16) so keep your fingers and toes crossed and do a little wind dance if you can.  Yes, it may end up being a Slush Cup and updates will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, check out our photos from last Saturday on our Facebook page HERE.

'Til next time fellow wind fanatics!  May the (gale) force be with you.  :)

Wainman Hawaii Snowkiting Demo Day December 17 2013

It was meant to be windy.  Really REALLY windy.  And warm.  Super warm for a December day in fact.  So on Sunday the 15th we headed out to Cooking Lake Sail Club with some Rabbits in hand, ready to let them play in the white snow ... but can you imagine our shock when there was nothing but a puff of air to greet us?  Being the troopers we are and living on a (Wainman) wing and a (silent) prayer we crossed our fingers, crossed our toes and hobbled over to the edge of the lake.  Well.  Mother nature must have heard us loud and clear as not only did she deliver and we got our student Brian flying everything from a 12m Boss to a 7.5m Mr. Green, but by late afternoon there was a wind warning in effect.  We could barely hold on to ourselves for fear of being swept away!  Can you say, "Paradise"?  :)

Check out our photos from the day HERE.  And as always, feel welcome to join us next time!!

Welcome Nobile! November 28 2013

Looking for snowkiting specific gear? Want to take your snowkiting riding to the next level??

Then please give a loud hello and warm welcome to the newest member of our family, Nobile!

Nobile is well known the world over for its innovative construction and technologies so we are beyond thrilled to be able to now offer their high performing products to you!

Any rider we have ever spoken with absolutely loved their Nobile board, so check out the link below and waste no time in contacting us with your pre-order today!

(and yes, they even make snowkiting specific skis!)



Wainman Hawaii Snowkiting Demo Day November 24 2013

Mother nature, in all her glory, conspired to produce the ideal snowkiting conditions at Cooking Lake (just east of Edmonton) on Sunday, November 24th.  We couldn't pass up this opportunity and scheduled not only some lessons, but kiting time AND our first Wainman Hawaii demo day!  Even some of our friends from Calgary came up (where unfortunately, snow has not yet made an appearance).  

We had a blast!  'Hope you did too!  Check out some photos from the day here.  And thank you to our students for being so awesome and such quick learners!  Zero to hero in 3 hours?  You betcha!

If you missed your chance this time around to test out Wainman's fantastic kites, watch this space and our Facebook page for your next opportunity - or contact us directly for more info!



La Republica Dominicana November 15 2013

We recently had the chance to kite in one of the Caribbean's prime kiteboarding destinations - Cabarete, Dominican Republic.  Although currently in low season, Kite Beach still managed to draw quite the kiteboarding crowd a number of days during our stay.  From beginners to pros, the waters were teeming with kiteboarding enthusiasts of all ages.  Will we be back?  Most definitely.  With great winds, great weather, friendly locals, affordable prices and great apres kiteboarding activities (i.e. nightlife), Cabarete is definitely a destination to be visited time and time again.

One thing worth mentioning - and probably the most amazing thing we have ever seen; a local named Guido kiteboarding having only leg.  If anything, this sight inspired us beyond kiteboarding.  His determination, demeanor, attitude and abilities were extraordinary and most definitely inspiring to the many facets of life.

Check out some of the photos of Guido - and our trip - below or on our FB page here.


Parkland Beach August 03 2013

What a fantastic day to spend a superbly windy August long week-end Saturday!  We have never seen so many kiteboarders congregated in one place in Alberta! The scene was very reminiscent of Kite Beach on Maui - which can only mean one thing ... kiteboarding is gaining in popularity!  

So happy to share with you a few snaps from the day.  

Parkland Beach Photos

Ciao and 'til next time!

2014 Cabrinha Lineup July 19 2013

The 2014 Cabrinha lineup is almost here!  New kites, new bard design ... check out the video teaser below!

Cabrinha 2014 Teaser from Cabrinha Kites on Vimeo.

MEC Paddlefest June 23 2013

Spent the day at MEC Paddlefest today at Elk Island Park.  It was an absolute BLAST meeting all of you and introducing you to kiteboarding!  Thank you for making our first appearance "in public" so fantastic and exciting!

Many of you asked about videos of the sport so we thought we would post one of our favorite videos from Cabrinha.  Click on the following link, and enjoy! VIDEO

Also, check out some photos from todayHERE

... here's to an amazing upcoming week and fingers crossed for windy days!

P & K

We're Live! June 22 2013

Thank you for your patience over the last number of weeks, everyone!  Our hard work has finally paid off and we are live!  Although our online Shop is yet to be set up, rest assured we are working on it each and every single day - and are super excited to soon offer you some of the best products on the market! 

We love our new site.  And hope you do too (but appreciate any feedback, so don't be shy)

P & K

Epic Saturday at Gull Lake June 16 2013

It's Sunday.  It's Father's Day.  (Happy Father's Day dads!)  We've been working hard all week, setting up our Facebook page, working on our website, picking and choosing the best products to offer you (and they're all great, believe us, which makes the choosing that much harder!) 

But life isn't just all work and no play.  So with a wicked wind forecast in tow, we headed out to Gull Lake, AB on Saturday - kites, boards, harnesses and all.  And boy were we glad we did!  It was nuking and blowing all day - so much so that our 2m trainer kite stayed tucked in its bag all day (too windy for training), and the 7m and 9m got a workout of the season (by the experienced riders).

Check out our perspective of the day on our Facebook page album.  You won't regret it!

P & K