Wainman Hawaii Snowkiting Demo Day December 17 2013

It was meant to be windy.  Really REALLY windy.  And warm.  Super warm for a December day in fact.  So on Sunday the 15th we headed out to Cooking Lake Sail Club with some Rabbits in hand, ready to let them play in the white snow ... but can you imagine our shock when there was nothing but a puff of air to greet us?  Being the troopers we are and living on a (Wainman) wing and a (silent) prayer we crossed our fingers, crossed our toes and hobbled over to the edge of the lake.  Well.  Mother nature must have heard us loud and clear as not only did she deliver and we got our student Brian flying everything from a 12m Boss to a 7.5m Mr. Green, but by late afternoon there was a wind warning in effect.  We could barely hold on to ourselves for fear of being swept away!  Can you say, "Paradise"?  :)

Check out our photos from the day HERE.  And as always, feel welcome to join us next time!!