Epic Saturday at Gull Lake June 16 2013

It's Sunday.  It's Father's Day.  (Happy Father's Day dads!)  We've been working hard all week, setting up our Facebook page, working on our website, picking and choosing the best products to offer you (and they're all great, believe us, which makes the choosing that much harder!) 

But life isn't just all work and no play.  So with a wicked wind forecast in tow, we headed out to Gull Lake, AB on Saturday - kites, boards, harnesses and all.  And boy were we glad we did!  It was nuking and blowing all day - so much so that our 2m trainer kite stayed tucked in its bag all day (too windy for training), and the 7m and 9m got a workout of the season (by the experienced riders).

Check out our perspective of the day on our Facebook page album.  You won't regret it!

P & K